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We are a team of highly qualified professionals in law, tax and finance. With many years of practical knowledge, we provide services in these industries and base our work on the principles of professionalism, confidentiality, well-balanced pricing policy and an individual approach.

One of our competencies is international legal issues of business and individuals where our specialists have gained rich experience and strong business relationships with foreign colleagues. Many of our employees speak several foreign languages, which allows us to be in daily dialogue and interaction with law firms, attorneys, lawyers, government officials and notaries.

We are very much attentive, time efficient and concerned about each assigned task, which earns the trust of our clients, and this, in turn, inspires us to perfect ourselves and achieve more and more results.

Professional Competence
Our employees work through the most difficult tasks in good faith and with due diligence using their knowledge and experience, and focus in their work on high corporate standards and business ethics accepted in the industry. We are constantly learning and improving our professional level
Individual Approach
We always make every effort to be prompt and attentive in matters of any complexity and offer our clients various options in each specific case. We are in touch with our clients and partners 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
It is not just a word for us. Over the years of working with business, we have realized how important it is to keep sensitive commercial information confidential, and developed our own standards and rules for working with obtained information
Commitment to Results and Pricing Policy
Certainly, we work for a fee but we want to see our clients satisfied with our work. In the service sector, these two processes are inextricably linked. Therefore, we strive to offer ingenious solutions with maximum efficiency for a reasonable remuneration
Foreign companies (companies of other countries) used for business structuring can serve different purposes, namely, simplification of relationships with a foreign partner by minimizing legal formalities, tax optimization, real estate management, or preferential terms for business management.

As a rule, incorporation of a business provides for both initial registration of a company and possible acquisition of an existing company in the relevant jurisdiction. Furthermore, the incorporation package involves a certain period (usually a year) to minimally attend to company's business matters, that is, the provision of an office, services of directors and secretaries.

The standard package under the company registration procedure includes the following:

  • initial consultation on the choice of jurisdiction for incorporation subject to clients' wishes;
  • services for preparation, filing and receipt of constituent and other documents as required for incorporation;
  • services for obtaining legal address of a company;
  • company secretary services;
  • services of company directors.
We can also help open a company bank account, and obtain necessary licenses, additional certificates or documents. Furthermore, if a partnership succeeds and a client desires to continue its ownership of a company after expiration of the initial period, we offer services to extend the company registration. Otherwise, we can also help with winding up of a company.

In each case when incorporation of a company is applied for, we can typically offer a number of related services and consultations in tax and corporate law, contract work or legal representation. Nevertheless, a client may individually decide on their relevance.

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Corporate law is a rapidly developing area of legal practice that usually includes both traditional issues of company formation and business processes, and relatively new tasks from related sectors of legal science: competition law, financial law, insolvency (bankruptcy) law, etc. In general, corporate law issues relate to everything that serves to ensure legality and legitimacy of actions of civil law subjects.

Thus, we consider it especially important to initially form a solid regulatory framework for the company's internal documents so that its future activities would be as streamlined and arranged as possible.

Corporate law services may include the following:

- incorporate and wind up a company and its separate divisions (branches and/or representative offices);

- amend constituent documents and records in the Register of Companies;

- prepare draft shareholder agreements and/or members' agreements on the company management;

- support sale and purchase of shares in companies with limited liability;
participate in bankruptcies;

- form a corporate structure, and propose optimization of existing structure;

- provide organization and document support for corporations: prepare draft resolutions of general meetings of shareholders/members, lists of members, voting ballots, minutes, etc.;

- issue full powers for a representative;

- draft internal organizational documents (provisions on holding general meetings of members, board meetings and meetings of the board of directors, personnel list, etc.);

- draft other internal documents (provisions on commercial secrets, procedure for claim settlement, bonuses to members of the board of directors, etc.);

- provide legal support for M&A (mergers and acquisitions) and other reorganization procedures;

- execute resolutions of corporate bodies on approval of transactions.

Tax practice is one of the most demanded types of services, which are eventually in demand among many clients. A company, as well as further functioning of any business is inextricably linked with assessment of tax consequences that must be constantly monitored for changes in legislation and current interests of any taxpayer. Furthermore, it is equally important to promptly and competently respond to tax audits and to provide any other information as may requested by tax authorities.

Our tax practice contains an extensive list of services for which we have gained considerable experience and professional practice, among which we can emphasize as follows:

- optimize business taxation system;

- prepare tax reports;

- collect materials for tax audits;

- recommend on issues related to taxation of controlled foreign corporations;

- analyze risks for detecting signs of controlled transactions;

- complete proper forms of notifications, applications, statements, questionnaires and/or declarations to be submitted to tax authorities;

- control tax record system in a company;

- represent a taxpayer before tax authorities;

- provide legal representation in tax-related administrative proceedings.

We can provide services within our tax practice both once and on a regular basis. Practically, clients who initially approached us only for tax planning were able to not only optimize current processes later, but also to organize and support new activities, and successfully develop their business with confidence in reliable legal support.
Company representation in any court is the comprehensive service that includes protection of clients' interests no matter whose position is required to defend, the plaintiff, the defendant or even the third party. In any case, the procedure requires careful preparation and elaboration of tactics to take measures within dispute resolution, considering features of the laws and practice to resolve disputes in respective jurisdiction. The client's reaction to receiving a summons may vary, but we always recommend that you take immediate action and do not delay your decision.

Services within the legal representation may be as follows:

  • provide initial consultation with the client for the essence of the dispute, analyze the situation, and develop possible options;
  • develop mechanisms for pre-trial settlement of any dispute (claim procedure, mediation procedures), negotiate;
  • prepare and submit documents for court's consideration;
  • injunctive relief;
  • participate in court hearings;
  • monitor a consideration process of a case, interact with other parties;
  • obtain and submit further documents, collect evidence and take other procedural steps;
  • appeal against court orders at all stages of the process;
  • enforcement proceedings;
  • accept service;
  • organize and control measures within enforcement proceedings, and interact with bailiffs;
  • other services depending on a particular case.
Our company has partnerships with lawyers in many countries, which allows us to judge de jure about the expected course of any case, but also to predict true perspectives of our participation.

We provide legal representation at all process stages; however, our attorney's participation and prospects for such participation including possible financial or other costs are previously discussed and agreed upon with the client. We are not interested in deliberately delaying the process, and work primarily toward a result.

Our relations with the client are based on mutual trust and agreeing with its position, therefore our main task is to understand its true intentions and develop such tactics for considering the case that will be the most advantageous for its specific case.

Note. Like any lawyer, we openly declare that we cannot guarantee a certain outcome of a case. However, our clients can be sure that we will do our best to ensure that their interests are respected to the maximum extent possible, regardless who of us is assigned to solve a problem.

We do not deal with issues of criminal law or criminal procedure, however, when requested, we will also offer you a solution in consultation with our partners who specialize in this area.
Legal support related to intellectual property is a relatively new independent trend in business practice. Currently, it includes copyright and related rights, patent rights, legal protection of trademarks and other visual identity of companies, goods, work (services), secret processes (know-how), and other copyright products entitled to legal protection. In addition, intellectual property issues can also include legal support for other intellectual property assets (technical documentation, confidential information) for which we can offer some protection methods, information and data protection. This area partially includes legal protection of intangible benefits, particularly, personal dignity, goodwill, etc.

Services for legal support on intellectual property include:

identify protectable results of intellectual activity;

register rights to results of intellectual activity considering laws and practice in the relevant country, including official registration;

prepare draft agreements governing parties' legal relations on results of intellectual activity (exclusivity agreements, license agreements), including intellectual activity results in work and services, as part of R&D and labor relations;

protect interests of a right holder of intellectual activity results (pre-trial and legal representation);

advise on current use of intellectual activity results.

To take certain actions with intellectual property, we also involve a patent attorney who can ensure that established procedures for registration of rights be completed as soon as practicable, and offer options for problem situations as they occur.
The procedure for obtaining a license for each jurisdiction is generally similar to each other. However, the list of licensable activities is different in each jurisdiction. As a rule, activities of financial institutions (banks, insurance companies or investment funds, or certain activities in the securities market and foreign exchange market, etc.), gambling business (casinos, bookmakers) and asset management are licensed in most countries. In addition, a license may also be required in certain states to start any business in general as a prerequisite.

Our licensing services include the following:

  • determine whether a license is required or not, select types of activities, and determine payable royalties (tax or fee) which can be a huge amount in some cases;
  • analyze conditions for obtaining a license, and form a list of license requirements;
  • provide legal support of business preparation procedure for compliance with license requirements, and interact with competent authorities;
  • submit documents to a licensing authority, and obtain a license;
  • license renewal for a new period if necessary, and change previously filed information.
This list is approximate, as it is impossible to provide a single list of procedures for all activities in the world that can be recognized as licensable. However, the main list of necessary actions includes a thorough study of the procedure and relevant licensing practices in order to avoid unjustified refusal to issue a license.

A permanent resident card (PR Card) and second citizenship takes on particular significance if a person possesses any property abroad, or carries on business that requires regular communication with any foreign state, or builds a certain corporate structure that should involve non-resident individuals. The PR Card or second citizenship solves not only the issue of legally staying abroad for a long time without complying with additional bureaucratic procedures, but also allows you to actively participate in the life of a foreign state on the same rights as local residents. The PR Card and second citizenship are currently popular in order to eliminate additional tax burden and maintain the tax regime of foreign organizations. Furthermore, most businessmen and their families have a need to change their residence to countries with higher living standards, therefore they need to obtain a legal residence status.

In order to determine which particular option can be considered in a given situation, it is required to obtain from the client (applicant) a set of information that will allow us to assess the possibility of achieving a particular goal in this matter.

Particularly, when a request for the PR Card or second citizenship of a foreign state is received, we act as follows:

  • collect initial information and get a general picture from the applicant about the purpose of obtaining the PR Card or second citizenship;
  • analyze the applicant's intentions and develop proposals regarding existing opportunities. For example, we can offer to choose the PR Card in another country with similar living conditions, but more affordable for a certain applicant. Sometimes, a long-term visa can simply be considered as a possible option;
  • identify special conditions, documents or evidence which help the applicant to become entitled to the PR Card or second citizenship under simplified (special) procedure;
  • collect and prepare a set of documents required to be submitted to competent authorities;
  • submit documents to competent authorities, and obtain a result;
  • appeal against a refusal to grant the PR Card abroad or second citizenship, if such a possibility objectively exists and is expedient as seen by the applicant.
Where required, we work together with our foreign colleagues on the spot (in a foreign country), and provide further services (translation or legalization of documents). In any case, the main attention is paid precisely to the applicant's wishes and capabilities (financial or temporary) and personal preferences.

Full-fledged business with foreign counterparties or creation of a new business abroad is impossible without a bank account. Complicated economic situation in the world, adopted consolidated measures to combat illegal cash flows, or banking system instability lead to a situation in which opening an account with a foreign bank becomes difficult. The account opening process depends not only on the bank's requirements, but also on various government agencies or financial regulatory authorities.

Despite the difficult situation in international banking transactions, we offer our clients full support of the procedure for opening a bank account for companies from various jurisdictions, namely:

  • determine initial conditions for bank account opening, and choose the best offers subject to requirements of the bank, regulatory authorities and clients' wishes;
  • obtain information on required documents;
  • analyze documents provided by a client, and identify problems;
  • assist in collection of additional data and information;
  • assist in filling out bank forms;
  • arrange for a direct process of opening an account, and if necessary, with involvement of our representative.
  • The final decision will largely depend on the bank's aggregate assessment of a client, its counterparties, the existing business footprint and its nature.
Certainly, we cannot guarantee a positive decision from a bank on opening an account, however, we absolutely guarantee an individual approach and assistance in this matter to each client, which, undoubtedly, minimizes risks of refusal.

In economic distress and banking system instability, the service for opening personal bank accounts of individuals abroad is becoming more and more relevant. Such stable long-lived jurisdictions as Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein are in demand in the first place. The main objective is to preserve personal savings, and simplify banking operations, including payments for and maintenance of foreign real estate.

The main objective in this direction is to find a compromise between a client's preferences and availability of internal banking procedures, as well as requirements of the applicable regulatory authorities. Great importance is also given to such factors as personal information from a client's dossier and credit history, a method for account management, and further purposes of using funds from an account.

Services to facilitate the opening of personal bank accounts may include:

  • determine the client's purpose and preferences for opening a bank account;
  • collect information on required set of documents, and study the procedure for opening an account;
  • assist in collecting necessary information and documentation, and its storage;
  • services for completing bank forms;
  • personal participation in the procedure for the opening of a bank account (through our representative).
We can also advise a bank on the client's identity.

As for opening a bank account for business purposes, we cannot guarantee a successful outcome in any case. Nevertheless, we certainly guarantee an individual approach and consideration of the client's personal preferences.
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