Corporate law is a rapidly developing area of legal practice that usually includes both traditional issues of company formation and business processes, and relatively new tasks from related sectors of legal science: competition law, financial law, insolvency (bankruptcy) law, etc. In general, corporate law issues relate to everything that serves to ensure legality and legitimacy of actions of civil law subjects.

Thus, we consider it especially important to initially form a solid regulatory framework for the company's internal documents so that its future activities would be as streamlined and arranged as possible.

Corporate law services may include the following:
• incorporate and wind up a company and its separate divisions (branches and/or representative offices);
• amend constituent documents and records in the Register of Companies;
• prepare draft shareholder agreements and/or members' agreements on the company management;
• support sale and purchase of shares in companies with limited liability;
participate in bankruptcies;
• form a corporate structure, and propose optimization of existing structure;
• provide organization and document support for corporations: prepare draft resolutions of general meetings of shareholders/members, lists of members, voting ballots, minutes, etc.;
• issue full powers for a representative;
• draft internal organizational documents (provisions on holding general meetings of members, board meetings and meetings of the board of directors, personnel list, etc.);
• draft other internal documents (provisions on commercial secrets, procedure for claim settlement, bonuses to members of the board of directors, etc.);
• provide legal support for M&A (mergers and acquisitions) and other reorganization procedures;
• execute resolutions of corporate bodies on approval of transactions.
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