Full-fledged business with foreign counterparties or creation of a new business abroad is impossible without a bank account. Complicated economic situation in the world, adopted consolidated measures to combat illegal cash flows, or banking system instability lead to a situation in which opening an account with a foreign bank becomes difficult. The account opening process depends not only on the bank's requirements, but also on various government agencies or financial regulatory authorities.

Despite the difficult situation in international banking transactions, we offer our clients full support of the procedure for opening a bank account for companies from various jurisdictions, namely:
  • determine initial conditions for bank account opening, and choose the best offers subject to requirements of the bank, regulatory authorities and clients' wishes;
  • obtain information on required documents;
  • analyze documents provided by a client, and identify problems;
  • assist in collection of additional data and information;
  • assist in filling out bank forms;
  • arrange for a direct process of opening an account, and if necessary, with involvement of our representative.
  • The final decision will largely depend on the bank's aggregate assessment of a client, its counterparties, the existing business footprint and its nature.
Certainly, we cannot guarantee a positive decision from a bank on opening an account, however, we absolutely guarantee an individual approach and assistance in this matter to each client, which, undoubtedly, minimizes risks of refusal.
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