Foreign companies (companies of other countries) used for business structuring can serve different purposes, namely, simplification of relationships with a foreign partner by minimizing legal formalities, tax optimization, real estate management, or preferential terms for business management.

As a rule, incorporation of a business provides for both initial registration of a company and possible acquisition of an existing company in the relevant jurisdiction. Furthermore, the incorporation package involves a certain period (usually a year) to minimally attend to company's business matters, that is, the provision of an office, services of directors and secretaries.

The standard package under the company registration procedure includes the following:

initial consultation on the choice of jurisdiction for incorporation subject to clients' wishes;
services for preparation, filing and receipt of constituent and other documents as required for incorporation;
services for obtaining legal address of a company;
company secretary services;
services of company directors.

We can also help open a company bank account, and obtain necessary licenses, additional certificates or documents. Furthermore, if a partnership succeeds and a client desires to continue its ownership of a company after expiration of the initial period, we offer services to extend the company registration. Otherwise, we can also help with winding up of a company.

In each case when incorporation of a company is applied for, we can typically offer a number of related services and consultations in tax and corporate law, contract work or legal representation. Nevertheless, a client may individually decide on their relevance.
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