Legal support related to intellectual property is a relatively new independent trend in business practice. Currently, it includes copyright and related rights, patent rights, legal protection of trademarks and other visual identity of companies, goods, work (services), secret processes (know-how), and other copyright products entitled to legal protection. In addition, intellectual property issues can also include legal support for other intellectual property assets (technical documentation, confidential information) for which we can offer some protection methods, information and data protection. This area partially includes legal protection of intangible benefits, particularly, personal dignity, goodwill, etc.

Services for legal support on intellectual property include:

• identify protectable results of intellectual activity;

• register rights to results of intellectual activity considering laws and practice in the relevant country, including official registration;

• prepare draft agreements governing parties' legal relations on results of intellectual activity (exclusivity agreements, license agreements), including intellectual activity results in work and services, as part of R&D and labor relations;

• protect interests of a right holder of intellectual activity results (pre-trial and legal representation);

• advise on current use of intellectual activity results.

To take certain actions with intellectual property, we also involve a patent attorney who can ensure that established procedures for registration of rights be completed as soon as practicable, and offer options for problem situations as they occur.
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