The procedure for obtaining a license for each jurisdiction is generally similar to each other. However, the list of licensable activities is different in each jurisdiction. As a rule, activities of financial institutions (banks, insurance companies or investment funds, or certain activities in the securities market and foreign exchange market, etc.), gambling business (casinos, bookmakers) and asset management are licensed in most countries. In addition, a license may also be required in certain states to start any business in general as a prerequisite.

Our licensing services include the following:

  • determine whether a license is required or not, select types of activities, and determine payable royalties (tax or fee) which can be a huge amount in some cases;
  • analyze conditions for obtaining a license, and form a list of license requirements;
  • provide legal support of business preparation procedure for compliance with license requirements, and interact with competent authorities;
  • submit documents to a licensing authority, and obtain a license;
  • license renewal for a new period if necessary, and change previously filed information.

This list is approximate, as it is impossible to provide a single list of procedures for all activities in the world that can be recognized as licensable. However, the main list of necessary actions includes a thorough study of the procedure and relevant licensing practices in order to avoid unjustified refusal to issue a license.
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