Company representation in any court is the comprehensive service that includes protection of clients' interests no matter whose position is required to defend, the plaintiff, the defendant or even the third party. In any case, the procedure requires careful preparation and elaboration of tactics to take measures within dispute resolution, considering features of the laws and practice to resolve disputes in respective jurisdiction. The client's reaction to receiving a summons may vary, but we always recommend that you take immediate action and do not delay your decision.

Services within the legal representation may be as follows:
• provide initial consultation with the client for the essence of the dispute, analyze the situation, and develop possible options;
• develop mechanisms for pre-trial settlement of any dispute (claim procedure, mediation procedures), negotiate;
• prepare and submit documents for court's consideration;
• injunctive relief;
• participate in court hearings;
• monitor a consideration process of a case, interact with other parties;
• obtain and submit further documents, collect evidence and take other procedural steps;
• appeal against court orders at all stages of the process;
• enforcement proceedings;
• accept service;
• organize and control measures within enforcement proceedings, and interact with bailiffs;
• other services depending on a particular case.
Our company has partnerships with lawyers in many countries, which allows us to judge de jure about the expected course of any case, but also to predict true perspectives of our participation.

We provide legal representation at all process stages; however, our attorney's participation and prospects for such participation including possible financial or other costs are previously discussed and agreed upon with the client. We are not interested in deliberately delaying the process, and work primarily toward a result.

Our relations with the client are based on mutual trust and agreeing with its position, therefore our main task is to understand its true intentions and develop such tactics for considering the case that will be the most advantageous for its specific case.

Note. Like any lawyer, we openly declare that we cannot guarantee a certain outcome of a case. However, our clients can be sure that we will do our best to ensure that their interests are respected to the maximum extent possible, regardless who of us is assigned to solve a problem.

We do not deal with issues of criminal law or criminal procedure, however, when requested, we will also offer you a solution in consultation with our partners who specialize in this area.
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