In economic distress and banking system instability, the service for opening personal bank accounts of individuals abroad is becoming more and more relevant. Such stable long-lived jurisdictions as Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein are in demand in the first place. The main objective is to preserve personal savings, and simplify banking operations, including payments for and maintenance of foreign real estate.

The main objective in this direction is to find a compromise between a client's preferences and availability of internal banking procedures, as well as requirements of the applicable regulatory authorities. Great importance is also given to such factors as personal information from a client's dossier and credit history, a method for account management, and further purposes of using funds from an account.

Services to facilitate the opening of personal bank accounts may include:
  • determine the client's purpose and preferences for opening a bank account;
  • collect information on required set of documents, and study the procedure for opening an account;
  • assist in collecting necessary information and documentation, and its storage;
  • services for completing bank forms;
  • personal participation in the procedure for the opening of a bank account (through our representative).
We can also advise a bank on the client's identity.

As for opening a bank account for business purposes, we cannot guarantee a successful outcome in any case. Nevertheless, we certainly guarantee an individual approach and consideration of the client's personal preferences.
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