A permanent resident card (PR Card) and second citizenship takes on particular significance if a person possesses any property abroad, or carries on business that requires regular communication with any foreign state, or builds a certain corporate structure that should involve non-resident individuals. The PR Card or second citizenship solves not only the issue of legally staying abroad for a long time without complying with additional bureaucratic procedures, but also allows you to actively participate in the life of a foreign state on the same rights as local residents. The PR Card and second citizenship are currently popular in order to eliminate additional tax burden and maintain the tax regime of foreign organizations. Furthermore, most businessmen and their families have a need to change their residence to countries with higher living standards, therefore they need to obtain a legal residence status.

In order to determine which particular option can be considered in a given situation, it is required to obtain from the client (applicant) a set of information that will allow us to assess the possibility of achieving a particular goal in this matter.

Particularly, when a request for the PR Card or second citizenship of a foreign state is received, we act as follows:
  • collect initial information and get a general picture from the applicant about the purpose of obtaining the PR Card or second citizenship;
  • analyze the applicant's intentions and develop proposals regarding existing opportunities. For example, we can offer to choose the PR Card in another country with similar living conditions, but more affordable for a certain applicant. Sometimes, a long-term visa can simply be considered as a possible option;
  • identify special conditions, documents or evidence which help the applicant to become entitled to the PR Card or second citizenship under simplified (special) procedure;
  • collect and prepare a set of documents required to be submitted to competent authorities;
  • submit documents to competent authorities, and obtain a result;
  • appeal against a refusal to grant the PR Card abroad or second citizenship, if such a possibility objectively exists and is expedient as seen by the applicant.
Where required, we work together with our foreign colleagues on the spot (in a foreign country), and provide further services (translation or legalization of documents). In any case, the main attention is paid precisely to the applicant's wishes and capabilities (financial or temporary) and personal preferences.
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