Tax practice is one of the most demanded types of services, which are eventually in demand among many clients. A company, as well as further functioning of any business is inextricably linked with assessment of tax consequences that must be constantly monitored for changes in legislation and current interests of any taxpayer. Furthermore, it is equally important to promptly and competently respond to tax audits and to provide any other information as may requested by tax authorities.

Our tax practice contains an extensive list of services for which we have gained considerable experience and professional practice, among which we can emphasize as follows:
• optimize business taxation system;
• prepare tax reports;
• collect materials for tax audits;
• recommend on issues related to taxation of controlled foreign corporations;
• analyze risks for detecting signs of controlled transactions;
• complete proper forms of notifications, applications, statements, questionnaires and/or declarations to be submitted to tax authorities;
• control tax record system in a company;
• represent a taxpayer before tax authorities;
• provide legal representation in tax-related administrative proceedings.

We can provide services within our tax practice both once and on a regular basis. Practically, clients who initially approached us only for tax planning were able to not only optimize current processes later, but also to organize and support new activities, and successfully develop their business with confidence in reliable legal support.
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